Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Update Jan 7.14

Hello everyone,

    Robby and I are feeling overwhelmed with love and support from everyone!  We are so excited to announce that we have raised the 4,000 for our trip to India! This doesn't mean you cannot still give to the ministry in India, which is called Gilgal.  Make a check out to Parkview Community Church and send check to 2S385 Madison St Wheaton IL 60189.

   Last week Robby and I were able to get our shots, visas, and start packing for India.  We are in awe that our trip is less then two weeks away now.  I will keep posting on this blog and facebook for updates, but once we are in India I wont be able to post until we are back in the states, which is January 26, 2014.

  Again if there are any questions about our trip please contact me with email at tiahciganek@gmail.com

Love you all,

Robby & Tiah

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